Social Media and Old Colonels

So this week I need to comment about social media in the classroom. I am not currently teaching but I can relate this back to my office situation.  So I work in a relatively small office in a small organization, there are ten of us in my department, and we seem to be divided in age.  About half of us (and unfortunately, I am one of them) are over forty and the other half are not quite or just at thirty.  I think this gap just becomes more apparent when you start talking social media and what you can do with it. The National Guard only recently started using You Tube and Facebook to disseminate information and I think that that reluctance is a reflection of the older staff at the headquarters level.  It seems like they are entering the “electronic age” unwillingly.  Now I realize that the military can’t conduct business using social media due to security issues but it could be used as a marketing tool, an information center or maybe even recruiting could start with social media.  In contracting, we work with the civilian sector more because our actions need to be transparent, and our younger members are way more comfortable using the social media tools that are lately available.  I think that as we swap out the old colonels with younger colonels, what is now innovative will become old hat.  I don’t think this is all due to age, I think some of it can be blamed on an opposition to explore new options.  I personally like social media and have a Facebook account (which I use regularly).  My boss (who is younger than me!) does not, but I believe he is trying to actively maintain a curmudgeon persona.  But I do think that the person who is more open to change is more resilient and better able to handle anything thrown at them, including social media.


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