The Book Wars in my head

So this week’s topic is e-books. I have to grudgingly admit I am a huge proponent of e-books from a student aspect.  Last semester I had a class with one book that I rented from Amazon for $18 for the entire semester and another book that was an open resource on the internet – no cost.  How many classes can you say that!  Not so many for me, but it did open my eyes to the possibilities.  This semester I went first to e-books where I could.  Not only is it way more cost efficient, it is also much better on the back.  I use a Kindle, so one Kindle is way easier to carry than so many books.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore books. I have a regulation at work that I still get in paper, even though it is available in electronic form.  There is just something about thumbing through a regulation looking for answers that you just can’t get electronically.  I still have a library card, where I do most of my pleasure reading, proven by the stack of books on my bedside table.  I use my Kindle for pleasure reading as well because most publishers don’t publish the little novellas that come out between books in a series.

But I digress, kind of. I think I am not the only book nerd in the world, and I would bet that most college educators might be book nerds as well.  And that is what will keep e-books out of the classroom for some time.  When your favorite thing to do is book shop at the beginning of every new semester (yes, I know – book nerd!), an e-book just isn’t as satisfying.  I know it’s cheaper and I know my back will thank me for it but an addiction doesn’t speak common sense.

I think e-books are the way it will be and they are a good thing.   But for now, I think the tradition still outweighs the practical, at least for the book nerds.


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