PBL and Vocational Education

So this week’s topic is assessment, Project Based Learning (PBL) and the Maker Movement. I think most are aware that I am not yet a teacher and don’t intend on teaching but would like to participate in Acquisition Training for new Contract Specialists for the Department of Defense.  I know that is a pretty specific goal, but there is more than “one way to skin that cat”.  All that being said, I mostly feel very uneducated about education.  This is my third semester in the Corporate Development program and I learn more every semester.  This semester, my other class is in Workforce Development and we have traveled all across Central Ohio visiting places that participate in Workforce Development.  We recently have been to the Eastland Career Center and DeVry University.  Ok, finally to the point, maybe.  Isn’t PBL and the Maker Movement some version of what they are using to train people at Career Centers and Tech Education locations like DeVry?  After reading the video and articles presented, it seems as if it is “application based learning”, a buzzword I recently heard at DeVry.  If I am on the wrong track and my idea is scoffable, remember the disclaimer from above, but I don’t think I am far from the truth.  Non-traditional, hands-on and student centered are all terms that would describe both PBL and tech education.  So, I guess what I am really trying to say is that while tech education is waning somewhat and fighting to stay relevant by being a stepping stone to college, the traditional path has turned to the “application based learning” to keep itself relevant as well.  I find that kind of ironic from my mostly un-educated viewpoint.


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