My boring competencies list

So this week we were asked to reflect on our class learning so far and to determine if we felt we had met the competencies provided in the syllabus. Also we were asked if we would change anything.  I won’t bore you with the entire list but I will say I came into the class already able to 1) Perform desktop publishing functions related to educational settings 2) Demonstrate knowledge of design principles 3) Demonstrate proficiency with word processing 4) Demonstrate proficiency with presentation software and 5) Develop records for charting student progress using a spreadsheet program.  How did I get to be so smart, you ask?  Well, I have been in the working world for about 30 years and was on the job before Word, Power Point and Excel showed up.  I have learned through many versions and am pretty comfortable with these programs although I have never had formal training on any of them.  The desktop publishing and design principles I have picked up since starting here at Ohio State (but again not formally trained).  In this class I did get a really good sample of the “available graphics software programs for educators” which is another competency. I will admit I have not yet practiced “Create computer graphics for educational uses” only because I haven’t needed to yet but I imagine I will and soon.  The last two (ok, maybe I will bore you with the list of competencies) are about the best time and use of “digital imaging techniques and equipment in educational settings” and these are the two I am most shaky about.  I think it means knowing when, where , why and how to best use digital imaging techniques in the classroom.  Maybe Mr. Kerr would tell you that I have done all of these things and more but I wasn’t aware of it if I did.

We were asked if we would change anything and I will answer a resounding NO, with one caveat! I learned a lot in this class about where technology and education meet.  Stuff I will probably use later (not like algebra) but this class is actually a part one to a class I have already taken and I got way more out of this part one class than I did the part two class so I would suggest making ESWDE 5622 a prerequisite to ESWDE 5623, so people don’t accidentally make the same mistake I accidentally did.


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