Technology and what it could do for you!

This week is pretty open what we want to talk about (our topic for the next two weeks is spreadsheets and Mr. Kerr doesn’t want to read that many blog posts about spreadsheets!) so there was a term I saw from this week that caught my interest. Disruptive Technology.  Sounds scary doesn’t it?  Well, what it means is “disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.” This definition came from, an IT resource.  Another part of this definition was a list of examples like, computers, email and smart phones, that kind of stuff.  It just made me think how my childhood was so much different from my kids, mostly because of technology.  I mean, I am not so old that I don’t remember before TV’s but I do remember TV before VCR’s or DVD’s.  I also remember TV before cable, before remote control!  Ok, now I am definitely dating myself.  I also think about how different my kid’s classroom experience was from my own, just because of computers.  And now, even more, my kids were out of high school by 2008 and some of the things we have talked about this semester were not available for their use, like podcasts.  This reflection has made me also realize how a trainer (or teacher) these days needs to stay in front of technology to be able to take advantage of the new stuff as it comes along.  To be as effective as possible, you need to embrace the disruption and use it.  Don’t fight it and waste the energy that you could be using to implement the newest technology.


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  1. Just as VCRs were a disruptive technology, digital and on-demand video disrupted the movie-rental industry. Just ask Blockbuster Video about that. Yes, there are still DVD rental places and things like Red Box, but how many rental stores were put out of business by digital video recorders and video on demand? The sign of true disruption is if a major market player is affected.


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