End of an Era

ESWDE 5622 has been a memorable class.  I accidentally took the second class (ESWDE 5623) first so last semester I felt like I had no clue what was going on.  This semester was way too many a-ha moments where I finally figured something out from the previous teacher.  Professor Kerr probably thinks I am crazy just by the amount of times my light bulb went off in class.  I liked the five image project.  I liked the Personal Learning Network.  I am not fond of blogging.  Our final project was a real team effort and I can’t wait for it to be seen.  I mean, smart boards are really not that exciting but my first time on a YouTube video was (for me anyway)!    I do have to give Professor Kerr props for being able to take such a varied group and teaching us all.  Most of us are technical education teachers working in a career center, the rest of us are working towards a bachelor, none of us are in the same program.  I think most classes (once you get to this level) the students are all working in the same program and many already know each other.  This class, not so much.  Even better, I am pretty sure this was one of Professor Kerr’s first live teaching gigs, so I am thinking he may be a natural.  I realize that some of these Workforce Development strands are going away (Mine!) and I think that might be a sad loss to the College of Education and Human Ecology.  This “teaching adults” field takes a special breed of people so I think they should continue to offer these programs.  Trainers need direction just like anybody else.  I have sat in too many classes where the trainer was a subject matter expert but so not a trainer.  So this was kind of a rambling post but I guess I had a lot to say.  Thanks!